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Thank you for downloading our application and trusting us. This guide will explain to you how to use the Flydirekt application, every feature and setting. This can be modified depending on further updated.


To download the application, go on the app store and search “Flydirekt”, the application will appear, click on it and launch the download.

apple store Flydirekt


Once the application is installed on your device, you will need to enquire your airline to finish the inscription. A majority of airlines are represented, but only a few of them are still absent. They are going to be added in future updates.

Entering airline screen

You will then need to sign in with Facebook. This operation doesn’t allow us to get access to your Facebook account, only display your name and your profile picture. This is a secure and quick way to create a profile.

Airline entered, facebook button


As soon as you complete your account, you will land on the homepage of the application. This page allows you to navigate through the different menu proposed.

Homescreen Flydirekt


Your profile is where you will find your information’s, your requests and the way to earn more credit.

You can access to your profile with the icon on the top of your screen, at the right, on the little icon of a person.

You will find your personal information in your profile, which are your name, your picture and your email address. Under your picture, you will find the number of credits you possess.

Profile non rev Flydirekt


There is also a button “get credit”, which will allow you to see the actual requests made by other users to your airline. Answering these requests will allow you to get a credit. You have to complete the five squares with the number of available seats for every categories, and finally the number of staff listed on the flight.

Under your personal information, you will see every request you have made for exact loads. The bookmark consists of the name of the flight, the date, the city and hour of departure and the city and hour of arrival. When another user responds to your request, 5 squares will be filled up, which are the current available seats for fist, business, premium, economy and the number of standby listed on this flight.

In the home screen, you can find three buttons which displays the date, the duration and the temperature. Those settings allow you to precise your research.

The “date” setting is used to determine the date of departure of the flight. If you are looking for a flight already departed today, it won’t appear on the flight’s list, so you will have to change the date in the settings to see this flight on the other days.

Date setting Flydirekt app


Duration refer to the duration of the flight. You can adjust the duration to show only shorter flight from you chosen city of departure.

Duration setting Flydirekt app


Temperature works also as a filter. When you set a city as departure, you can adjust the minimum temperature you want for your destination, and the app will suppress every city colder than that.

Temperature setting Flydirekt app


The main utility of the app refers to the capacity of checking the availability of a flight. This is particularly useful for standby passengers (as crew members or their relatives), who often fly with discounted tickets such as ZED or ID90 (you can see the article we wrote about these concepts here : ).

You can see the estimation of a flight loads, and you can also ask for exact loads by making a request to the employees of the concerned airlines.

Head back to the main menu and you will see a button From / To, this button let you indicate if the chosen city is your city of departure or arrival.


Once the city is chosen, you will see below the number of destinations that are deserved on the same day and a list of the different cities (CAUTION : Already departed flight are no longer shown on the app for the same day, so you will might have to change the day setting if a flight doesn’t appear).

You can currently search cities only with their city codes, and not with the airport code. The city code includes all airports of this city (Example: PAR is Paris , it includes ORY and CDG). This is going to be updated soon to includes airport codes as well.

When you click on your city of destination, you will see the list of all flight available for this day. Click on the blue button “check availability” under the picture, and you will see the estimation of all flight. There are two numbers, the number of seats still available, and a percentage, which is the probability of getting a seat for this day based on prior experience.

List of flight without availabilityList of flight with availability


The availability can be saved for later by clicking on the little flag on the side of it, which will save the flight and result in your Bookmark.

Bookmark Flydirekt


If the estimation is not enough for you to take a decision, or if you are looking for the number of staff listed, you can click on “request loads” to open a new pop-up. Here, you can spend a credit to request to this airline employee the exact loads of the flight. You can also see your current amount of credits.

Load request


You still don’t have the application ? You can download it right here :


  1. I am having issues. I do not find the app user friendly. I have downloaed the app and did put in my airline, Westjet and then nothing happens. It does not prompt me to go any further. What am I doing wrong please? This is very frustrating. Please help. Thank you in advance.

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