5 reasons why a plane is the best office


We all know that being a crew member is not exactly the kind of job that you stumble across randomly, without knowing what you’re doing here, and that it’s more a passion, a dream…

But why ? Well, there are some really good advantages with working on a plane, and let’s see together what they are !


You don’t sit around all day


While working in an office, sitting down all day, every day in front of the same old computer, waiting for the time to fly by, it is absolutely not the same as a crew member. You move all day, from airports from airports, in the plane, and always have a little something to do.


You meet thousands of people


Shoot out “Hey Marc” every day for 25 years to that same guy that share your office, that you don’t really like, that stinks and that makes noises every 12 seconds, and you’ll feel like being caught in a loop. That does not happen in a plane, in which every day you can meet so many new people! Well, even when you meet a horrible passenger, just tell yourself that you won’t see him again in a few hours, and take a deep breath.


You’re literally 9 000 meters up in the sky


That’s kind of the main deal with a plane, it flies. The sensation of being above the clouds, in the middle of nothing but skyline is gorgeous. Even after years and years of travel, I still love the exact moment when this big bird leave the ground.  Look at the left and you have the horizon of lands beneath your eyes, look at the right and

you lies within a sea of clouds. Who have a best view at work?


A plane goes somewhere, so do you


Are you going from LAX to New York ? Well, you’re in New York now ! Going from New York to Paris ? You’re in Paris ! Going from Paris to Bangkok ? You understand where I’m going. You are probably going to see more countries, more cities than 90% of the rest of the world (this number is super serious), so unless you only feel good at home (what are you doing here anyway) you have a dream job for travel.


You can standby, when you miss being in a plane.


The main advantage is being able to standby. You can go on an adventure without any preparation, a cheap ticket and a smile on your face. Nothing can stop you in your dream of staying 12 more hours on a plane for a 5 hours visit of a new city. Nothing, but the loads of the flight… But not anymore ! You just need to download Flydirekt, and you’ll never have to worry about getting your flight again !
It’s right here, go on, it won’t hurt https://apple.co/2stOKn4

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