The 8 incredible places where you just want to lose yourself


There are some moments in which we want to wrap ourselves on the couch, only aiming at watching a lot of Netflix, taking advantage of these sweet moments of calm and serenity …

And there are others when we just want to escape, to travel the world, our headphones well screwed in our ears, and to marvel at what’s surrounding us.


Whether by wandering in the labyrinths of immense cities teeming with life and history, or on the passes of misty peaks only disturbed by the gentle murmur of the wind whistling through the trees and the crystalline flow of the streams.

The advantage, as a crew member, is that this opportunity often comes around the corner, and sometimes, can lead to incredible discoveries. You just need to go as standby.

But let me lighten the task of finding these incredible places for you. You’re welcome, it’s my pleasure.

Therefore, I’m going to show you my top 10 places where, for me, you can simply forget about spending time.




Mountain in Tibet with traditional construction


I deeply felt myself in another world in Tibet. Being on the roof of the world, the country of ancient wisdom and spirituality kind of speak directly to your soul.

After 33 hours of flight from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Lhassa, with two stops in other airports, I managed to hop in as a standby in the longest flight I could have found.

This region of the world, isolated from all, is a sanctuary of serenity and tranquility, whether you pass by Barkhor streets and its temple, or through its snowy mountains and steppes.

Still rather authentic despite the rise of the Chinese industry and tourism, Lhasa, and Tibet, remain a jewels that seems located outside the world.

I’m still not sure if I’m going to become a monk and live on the edge of a Tibetan mountain, perhaps one day.





View on Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the back


Can anyone talk about wandering without a goal through the whole day, forgetting about everything but the real-world painting captured by your eyes without citing Paris?

I know, that sound cliché, but maybe there’s a little something about this city that makes her magical (and I’m not talking about Disney World just next to it).

There’s just so much to say about Paris, and I’m sure that a lot of more talented people already did it before and better, from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower through every little street where you can find hidden some delicious restaurants, like trying to escape from the grip of the tourists crowd in the Avenues, you just can find everything you want.

But what I always find really crazy in Paris is that there are people every time, every day, everywhere. You just won’t find a street without someone in it, never. You want to go out on a Monday evening and find a pub? sorry, they’re all full. This city never sleep.

You can come to Paris through a majority of country and airports, and there are a lot of flights everyday, when you arrive at Charles de Gaulle, remember that the taxis to go in the center of the city cost 60€ and not 100€, they will try to make you pay a lot but just tell them that you’re going to call a Uber and they’ll cut down their fare.




Truck parked on a plain in front of a mountain in Iceland


And now, once again, a place that is nothing like the precedent one! Welcome in Iceland!

Bring a coat (a hot one) and let’s go on a trip through the absolutely peaceful landscape of Iceland. The first time I went there, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking that the whole island looks like a strange planet without trees or humans, only inhabited by volcanos and geyser.

Talking of geyser, you can go check the Golden Circle which is the main attraction of the island, with Þingvellir National Park, the Gullfoss waterfall, and the geothermal area in Haukadalur (that’s where you can find two of the most famous geyser in the world, Geysir and Strokkur).

Be sure to go see the capital, Reykjavik, as it is a very nice city with colorful houses and many beautiful monuments to watch, and also check out the fantastic volcanos of Iceland, that you can find all around the island (there are 130 volcanos in total, some extinct, some still active).

You can come to Iceland through Reykjavík Airport

Fun fact : during the football Euro 2016, there were 27 000 Icelanders in France, which represent 8% of the total population.

8% of all Iceland for a football match, that’s totally insane.




Narrow street in Tokyo


Let’s go now on the other side of the planet, on another island absolutely worth the travel. Japan itself is a world apart from everything you know, and Tokyo is a city that can’t let anyone indifferent.

Strolling among the colorful neon lights that make up the Japanese capital, nonchalantly exploring every little street (like the one above) and knowingly getting lost in every part of the city, this is the experience I had of my Japanese adventure.

From huge video game stores to thousand-year-old temples, this is a total change of scenery that is offered to you.

And I’m not talking about local food, because otherwise this article will only talk about sushi.

If you’re interested in visiting Tokyo, you might consider coming for the 2020’s Olympic Games!




Beach in Nicaragua with a woman on front


I thought it was a shame that there wasn’t any large beach and palm trees in this top, so here’s what for me is the ultimate place for idleness and relaxation.

Large expanses of fine sand and lush jungle. A deckchair. A mojito.

Anything to ask for more? Let yourself drown in happiness with the hiss of exotic birds and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

You can also watch for hours the Nicaragua lack, in which you can see if you’re lucky some bull shark, as it is the only place in the world where you can see them in a freshwater area.

Rest in the city of Managa at the top of the invercasa building for a memorable panoramic view of the whole city, don’t forget to order some nacatamales, a corn dough stuffed with chicken, some tomatoes, rice, potatoes, peppers (warning, they can be strong), garlic and onions, all wrapped in a banana leaf folded like a small package and steamed, and enjoy!

What’s better after 15 hours of flight than resting on a paradisiac beach ?




Forest and hill around Sa Pa in Vietnam


My trip in Vietnam started kind of crazy. I suddenly had the realization that I should go spend some days in Vietnam, so I went to the airport, and checked for a flight from Paris to Hanoï.

Well obviously as a standby traveler, so with a backpack and hopping for the loads to be good.

They weren’t, the next flight was full, but I didn’t wanted to go home. I took a plane for Bangkok, slept there for one night, and took the plane for Hanoï in the next morning. Being part of zedcrew is great, but you just need to have a lot of time for you.

Best decision of my life, the Vietnam is absolutely gorgeous, and there’s just so much to see all around you.

In the Ha Long Bay, you can see some floating fishing villages, more than a thousand of monolithic islands piercing skyward overgrown with vegetation on top, and the most limpid water I’ve ever seen.

Hanoï is a living city with a lot of traditional shops and restaurant, and old temples and monument that you just need to appreciate for their beauty and history, inspired by Buddhism and Catholicism.




East End of Rundle - Canada


I hope you kept your coat from Iceland, because you’re going to need it here.

Canada looks like a preserved park where wildlife and nature keep on being at the center of everything, allowing the tourist to really make the void in his head and appreciate the very concept of freedom.

Air is pure, water is pure, mooses will try to attack your car… Canada is really something else!

Toronto is the cleanest city I’ve put my foots in, and the people here are absolutely nice!

Do not hesitate to go on top of the CN Tower, the largest in the Occidental world, and appreciate the view, or even go watch a match of hockey (yes, still cliché) for a full immersion of Canadian life.





Chyulu Hills, Kenya


The last but not least country on this list is Kenya, a real dream for whoever liked watching the Lion King, and I’m part of them.

When I arrived at Nairobi’s airport, I was feeling lost, more than anywhere else, and I liked that.

There are numerous parks in Kenya, 26 to be exact, and they really are a paradise of wildlife spreading on hundreds of kilometers. The Lake Nakuru is surrounded on the shore by an impressive amount of flamingos, shining their brightness on the the placid surface of the lake, but also giraffes, rhinos, warthogs and baboons.

It really is something exciting for someone living in an European city to discover a world like that, something that changes your point of view on what surrounds you. Life is simple, slow, happy. It’s not useful to stress and urge things. You just need to sit next to a lake and watch flamingos, simple as that.



Don’t forget! If you want to know the flights and destinations from any of these countries to another, just check it on the Flydirekt app ! 🙂 


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