Interview with Bruce : The Hotel Crash Pad Network


Today’s interview will be with Bruce, one of our crew member who want to share his adventure with us ! Bruce is a captain, but also an entrepreneur, so let’s begin this interview !


My name is Bruce McGehee, and I’m a captain for JetBlue Airways. I’ve been a pilot my entire professional career, first for 22 years in the United States Air Force, and most recently for 12 years with JetBlue. I’m also the founder and president of The Hotel Crash Pad Network (, a company whose mission statement is “Redefining Quality Aircrew Lodging ™️.”

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How did the idea of Hotel Crash Pad Network came to you ?


As airline crew members, we will likely all be faced at one time or another with the prospect of commuting to our base, and a big part of that is also likely to include multiple monthly overnights in a crash pad with other crew members — either pilots, flight attendants, or both (and possibly even gate agents, mechanics or members of other work groups). The crash pad experience, for better or worse, can have a major influence on our job satisfaction, our stress levels, and even our fitness for duty and overall health.


You do have a background of crash pad as a Jetblue Pilot ?


As a career commuter myself, I’ve had my share of experiences with crash pads, some better than others, but none that I could honestly call “great.” When I set out to build a nationwide network of hotel-based crash pads, my goal was to address the shortcomings I had dealt with in my own crash pad experiences while establishing a new standard for crash pads by offering services and amenities not typically found in your average run-of-the-mill pad.


What does the Crash Pad Network can offer more for crewmembers ?


With the benefit of my own experience in crash pads as an airline commuter, and the feedback I’ve gotten from a host of my fellow commuting crew members, I’ve set out to establish a new paradigm for the crash pad experience. By setting up pads in major hotels located in airline crew domiciles around the U.S., we are creating a new standard by which the crash pad experience will be judged going forward. Our hotel crash pads offer commuting crew members all the benefits typically expected in a stay at a major hotel, but at a monthly rate equivalent to the cost of a traditional crash pad that offers none of the features of a hotel.


What are the advantages that our members can find ?


Some of the numerous amenities our hotel crash pad subscribers enjoy as members of our pads include:


~ Complimentary 24-hour airport shuttle service

~ Complimentary parking

~ Complimentary breakfast

~ Evening social hour with free meals and free drinks

~ Daily full housekeeping service

~ In-suite full kitchens

~ Separate Sleep Room / Day Room areas

~ On-premises guest laundry

~ High-quality fitness room

~ Swimming pool / spa

~ Barbecue / picnic areas

~ Free WiFi

~ Complimentary Business Center

~ Guest Pantry with sundries for purchase

~ Nearby restaurants and other conveniences

….and much more.


Seems like a great asset for the community Bruce !


I’m convinced that the benefits of staying in a hotel-based crash pad as opposed to a traditional pad are apparent to most airline commuters, but as it’s been said, “The proof of the pudding is in the tasting”, so I hope we will have the opportunity to one day prove the value of our business model to you as one of our clients. Thanks, and please contact me directly if my company may be of service to you in the future!


If you want to see the Hotel Crash Pad Network, you can find it on Bruce’s page :


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