Flydirekt, created by crew members for ZED crew


Hey you! You must be a standby traveler to have come here? Wait a moment, and listen our story, you simply won’t be able to live without us afterward.


The ZED life of standby travelers 


Who has never planned to go on holiday with fear in his stomach, wondering if there will be enough loads in the plane for Dubai , Paris or Bangkok once arrived at the airport, and worse, if there will remain some for the return?

Playing your weekend tossing heads or tails is never really reassuring and honestly, flying without reservation as a ID90 is not always something restful!



Every loads in your pocket


Flydirekt, your new favorite application, allow you to know instantly the loads of any flight and from every company you would like to know.

Designed to all standby travelers around the world, the Flydirekt application make ZED travel easy and will get you up in the sky with a peaceful mindset, and all that, absolutely freely!

The principle is simple, you type in the code of the airport of departure, the one of arrival, and the date of the flight, check availability and bang! You got yourself the estimation of the loads!

Join now a close-knit community of 30 000 crew members, stewards, pilots and every member of zedcrew, and the number is non-stop increasing!



Welcome to Flydirekt !


So, if you really want to make it through your non rev, last minute flight, you can join our Facebook group for a helping and caring community of zedcrew and download our application down below !


A Facebook group with a really participative community right there ✈

An application (always free) that you can download on IOS, so you can look for every flight and get your loads ! That’s right there ✈


Make your next ZED trip more easy ! Welcome !

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