How to fly with a baby


Traveling alone has nothing to do with flying with a toddler, they are two completely opposite worlds. Do not worry, it may sort out very well, in peace and joy, but it can very quickly turn into a horrible trip, the child starting to cry, other passengers getting upset, and you starting to panic in front of this demonstration of chaos. It is important to remember some rules that guarantee (supposedly) to survive such a test.


« Bread and games »


This solution is simple, give bread and circuses to the people and they’ll stay quiet. Who would have thought that flying with a child would be so close to Roman politics.

Always be sure to have some snacks in your bag, a lollipop, some cookies to keep the children calm, and bring any game, cards, books or an electronic device (for games or movies/cartoons) that your children likes, so he can be entertained without having to kick the front seat as if he was a hard rock band drummer. Remember that a catchy song on a Disney movie can make the time fly, for them and therefore for you.


Better cozy than sorry


An important thing to consider during a flight is to dress your kid in comfortable outfit, the ones in which they could possibly fall asleep in. If he is comfy and relaxed he might not have the same urge to move everywhere, and that can be a good point for you for almost no effort.


Little games can save the game


Remember that for a toddler, flying can be seen as something quite amazing, so you may want to play the game and have little fun time with him about this situation. Point out clouds, houses or other planes in the sky, or even try to make him draw the clouds passing by, as it can occupy him for a solid 7 minutes while you try to come up with a new tactic.


Bring medicine, diapers, wet wipes.


This part speak for itself, but I’m going to repeat it once again, just to be sure. Bring medicine, diapers, wet wipes. You do not want to face a disaster without every support you need. And something funny, your child might never be sick, he will be once you are in a closed environment with little to no possibilities for action.


Be polite and compliant


Even with all the good will in the world, every protection possible, there’s always a risk that at some moment your toddler disturb the placid calm of other passengers. It happens, and sometimes these other passengers might even be angry just by seeing a young child seated next to them. Don’t worry, but don’t forget to apologize if it is the case, be emphatic, and most people will understand your struggle and forgive the fact that controlling a tiny nuclear bomb can sometimes be difficult.


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