Crew member or Flydirekt superstar? Why not both?


Hello everyone and welcome on the Flydirekt blog, where the magic happens.

And today, the magic is within your hands.

Standby traveler writing a story for Flydirekt


What do I mean?

Let’s be straight here. We would totally LOVE to get to know you, your stories about your crew member life, some tips and warning for the community, the best travels you made as a standby traveler, and obviously the worst things that happened to you in foreign countries also!

Have you ever waited for 18 hours straight in an airport because the flight you wanted to take was oversold at the last moment? In which restaurant have you eaten the best Chilean curanto en hoyo? Is there one place in the world that changed your life forever? Spending so much time in the sky form places to places leads to beautiful experiences…

How to get in touch ?

If you’re interested in sharing a story with us about an aspect of your zedcrew life, it’s simple ! Just send me an email at with a little description of yourself and your story, that can be what you want between : 

  • Your story as a standby traveler, explaining the context around it
  • Advices for other crew members
  • Your worst flight as a standby traveler
  • The best country you visited as a standby traveler

I’ll read every story that you send me, and we’ll publish the best ones on this blog for everyone to see ! ✈

Don’t forget to check our application right here ! ✈


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