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Thank you. Thank you all.

We are a thriving community of 30 000 fantastic crew members on our Facebook page, and you make it live everyday since the beginning. We are dedicated to you, and today, we have a big announcement.
A new feature is out on our application, the most important one since we launched it.

Always driven by your recommendations, we listened to you, and came out with the little something that makes all the difference in our service.

What is it? You can now ask for your loads directly on it! More than an estimation, you can now ask for the exact loads of a flight and the number of staff listed, you just need to ask for them and another user from this airline will answer to you !

“Wait, I can directly do that on the group?” that’s true, but with the application, other users receive the demand immediately and directly, so there’s no need for you to wait until someone sees it!

So the next time you find yourself stranded in an airport, waiting to know if your flight still has seats, with doubt in your mind, short of breath when the airplane doors opens, do not forget to take a look at Flydirekt.

There are already more than 9 000 standby travelers on the application, and this number is always growing!

If you don’t have the application yet, you can still download it by following this link:


It’s free, simple, and in constant evolution!

And if you have an Android phone, don’t worry, this is our next step.



This part of the application is easy to use, and I’m going to show you how to do !


Menu Flydirekt


List of available flights Flydirekt app



First, you need to go on the menu screen of Flydirekt. You just need to add your city of departure, the date (on the top left) and choose a city of arrival.




The next step consist of checking for availability (the blue button above the flights), and you’ll get an estimation of flights.

Now, if you aren’t satisfied with the actual estimation you can ask for the exact load as seen on the next picture.


Asking for exact loads on Flydirelt


Finally, you can see your demand in your profile just here ! You just need to wait until another user gives you the loads.


Profile non rev Flydirekt


To gain more credits, you need to help another user and give him loads. You can go to your profile and click on “Get Credit” to find the list of every other user asking for loads from your airline.


So do not hesitate, update your app or download it right there ! https://apple.co/2stOKn4




  1. I’m a little sad to read about credits and how to earn them. In my company it’s only few employees have access to the exact numbers on sk flights and I guess many others in other companies have the same problem, so so how are we able to earn more credits?? Or are we only able to use fb in the future??

    • Hello Michael ! Thank you for your feedback, we are going to take that into account and get back to you soon 🙂
      We’re currently working on ways to make credit earning more easy and interactive

  2. This is awesome, but what about Android users… I would be using this everyday though 🙂
    Would be looking forward for future updates. Cheers!

  3. I have a workaround for the frozen first screen on flydirekt.com for the IPAD
    Turn the IPAd sideways and scroll down to the button at the bottom.

  4. Can I change or add airline to my profile? Working for Cathay makes me see Cathay Pacific (CX) and Cathay Dragon (KA) loads

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