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Hi, I’m Rachel! A Brit who spent most of my teenage years in Austria, I moved to Dubai four and a half years ago to pursue a childhood dream of becoming cabin crew with Emirates Airline. I get paid to travel the world, and absolutely love my job! There’s nothing more satisfying than visiting somewhere you’ve never been before, meeting the locals and sampling the cuisine.

I started my blog, The Dubai Diaries, as a way to document the process of getting the job at Emirates, and it evolved from there naturally to feature my layovers in destinations all around the world. It’s a great memory of all of the places I’ve been so far, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it!


You can find her blog just right here : https://thedubaidiaries.me/


  • What festish object do you always bring in your suitcase during your trip ?

There are a few things that I always keep in my suitcase, such as spare chargers for my iPhone and iPad, toiletries, etc., but I suppose one random thing that is always in there is an umbrella – you never know when you might get caught out in the rain!

  • Do you have a trick to not suffer the jetlag ?

I try and stick to the local time if I can, which usually helps a lot. If you go straight to sleep when you arrive at a new destination, you’re bound to wake up in the middle of the night feeling wide awake! Luckily most of our layovers are around 24 hours, so that doesn’t leave too much time to be jetlagged.

  • What’s your best flight memory ?

Some of my best memories are when other crew, especially new ones who have only recently joined the company, tell me that my blog, The Dubai Diaries, and my Instagram, inspired them to apply for the job! It makes it all feel worthwhile.

  • And what ‘s your worst one ?

I try to generally have a pretty positive attidute on flights, as there’s nothing worse than having to listen to another crew moan and complain the entire flight. However, opening the toilet door on a Dhaka flight to discover a poo on the floor was probably not my most fun flight!


  • Your top 5 places to see/eat

Cape Town


Cape Town – an amazingly beautiful city that I always love visiting, and delicious steaks!






Hong Kong


Hong Kong – such a diverse and interesting city and no matter how many times I visit I always find something new to discover. Best pork buns at Tim Ho Wan, and best xiao long bao at Din Tai Fung – try and go at off-peak times so you’re not waiting forever!







Barcelona – the perfect mix of city and beach, whenever I go I fall in love with the city all over again! Pick any small side street away from the touristy areas to get delicious tapas to share at a great price.





Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro – I’ve only been lucky enough to visit once but once was enough to be amazed by this incredible city! I would love to head back and explore more parts that I didn’t get to visit, and of course eat at one of the many churrascarias.







Italy – is it cheating if I choose the whole country rather than the city?! Every city that I’ve visited in Italy has it’s own charm, from the Trevi fountain in Rome to the Due Torri in Bologna. Not to mention all of the amazing food, you can pretty much pick any restaurant in Italy and garuantee that you will have a feast!






If I could add on some more of my favourite places, they would be Mauritius, Sydney,Chicago and Vienna . Not to mention all of the places that are on my bucket-list for 2018!


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