My husband flies for Spirit and was listed as standby to get on a Spirit flight. The gate agent let a pilot from another airline get on the flight instead and then there were no seats left for my husband, who had priority. 


On board LAXLAS flight in 1970s. Some moderate turbulence, but not death defying.  Screaming from aft. Howling, high pitched for at least 30 seconds, then nothing. A lady Fri Middle East had tried to open the aft door at 28000 ft.

Cuffed in plastic restraints. She found out her husband had been cheating on him in LAS and she was on her way to take care of him. She has a change of mind and decided to just jump out of the plane.


Getting the last seat in business class on sb. After being in my seat for 10 min I get downgraded to economy. Walking down the stairs in the A380 I miss the last step fall on my face and hurt my ankle. Needless to say it was a long and uncomfortable flight home.


My wife as crewmember was on TWA out of Midwest city. A larger sized man asked 2 or 3 other Flight Attendants for help. His artificial eye had fallen out of his hankerchuef as he was cleaning it in a cup of water and hankerchief and rolled under the A seat in coach. Because of his size he couldn’t bend over far enough to get it and no one passengers on the crew would help. Finally the crew asked my wife if she would help. She got a clean napkin and retrieved the man’s glass eye. With a big huuuuug from bib overall man she was thanked with a big huuuug.

She could be counted on.


Running from Checking to the last gate to catch the flight in TLV. And got the tlv security special treatment. Litteraly was the last one to board


Passenger pulled a gun on me before we had securiy checkpoints


It took me days to fly home from Bangkok in one trip and Mumbai on another.

My routing from Bangkok after being stuck two nights was to fly from Bangkok to Seoul then to Paris then New York and finally Miami. The routing from Mumbai after being stuck two nights was Mumbai To Johannesburg then New York and finally Miami.


I got stuck in Atlanta for 6 days trying to fly to Argentina 2 yrs ago pay load opt and this time of the year and happened to my wife and daughter last year as well same situation


TLV trying to get home to Cleveland. 777 canceled. No seats for a week, so took Royal Jordanian to AMM. Delta had seats from AMM-JFK but left us with 70 open seats b/c of weight and balance. Spent 18 hours in that airport. Had to buy tickets on United… AMM-FRA-ORD-CLE. Worst Non-rev for us ever. Took 2 years to pay off.


Completely full flight syd-dxb. Only spare seat was between myself and another staff traveller until she proceeded to wake me up and ask me to move over so she could bring a mate to sit with us. Turns out that they’d only just met and continued to spend the next 14 hours getting freaky underneath a blanket next to me. Never been so disturbed in my life.


Had to fly LHR-LAX on the flight deck jumseat!!! Grateful they gave me it….but listening to pilot conversation for 11h was probably one the most boring things I’ve had to do!!!


Got to Cuba where internet is severely limited. Didn’t know a storm system had wiped out the flights for two full days until checking in to leave and finding out there were no seats for days. Add to that a startling discovery that NO airlines will accept same day bookings and most cannot accept credit cards in Cuba… No one could help us even buy a ticket out. We finally called my mother to call Interjet who turned out to be the only airline that accepts same day bookings AND could take a credit card since they ran it in México. Strange, frustrating day-long process in a hot, humid airport that ended up just being a pair of $99 tickets to fly 17 minutes to Cancún that would’ve taken less than 5 minutes anywhere else.


Being at Houston Hobby just trying to get back to Dallas Love Field on Southwest. One flight is full, they roll you to the next one (which is GREAT), but doing the walk of shame with everyone else to the other end of the airport sucks. Then the next flight is full, and the new flight is at the other end – they are never at the same gate or anywhere near it


I had more horror stories on a confirmed paid ticket then non rev standby. Air Europa cancelled my confirmed ticket 2 weeks prior to my cruise out of BCN. They rebooked me on their codeshare partner, Delta. When I got to Delta counter that day to check in, guess what? Delta don’t have my ticket


In CUN… Hurricane ~ Cxld Flt- Bought a last minute tkt for 150. Just to get to US– turned out 10 other people about the same ticket which turned out to be no ticket on a plane with 12 people not on the Manifest– they tried to arrest all of us and pull us off the plane to head to a Mexican jail while we sorted the issue out– we refused because their agent sold us illegal tickets and because we were on the runway and they could not taxi back we were next in line to leave they had to fly out with us on the pretense that when we anded in Miami we would all be under arrest as illegal stowaways…. in Mia we just got off the plane and went are happy ways nobody stopped us

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