Amsterdam, being a perfect destination for a romantic October getaway, is known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades, legacies of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age.

Amsterdam is a romantic city. Her paved streets cut into a map shaped like a shell, her flower markets and charming houses mirror their colors on the canals. Amsterdam is a city where it feels good to stroll, just blowing in the wind. The great freedom of ‘Dam’, her nickname, however, gives excessive airs to some of the city locations. Plumes of marijuana smoke exhale from coffee shops mouths and sex trade is exposed in the Red Light District. Amsterdam the jewel of tourism, in some places takes the appearance of a libertine trading post. And this makes it a unique to Europe.
In order to enjoy the city and have a ttrue Amsterdam experience, rent a bike and relish in the melody of bells ringing along the canals. Visit the floating flower market, an explosion of color and an attraction of first interest. Another popular and lively market is the Albert Cuypmarkt, in the Pijp district, where you will find everything: from old and worn bicycles to new clothes!
Open your appetite at the Cheese Museum, a fun place with quality products. Carry on with your Dutch specialties tour at the Heineken Experience, where the beer has been brewed for over a century! At lunchtime, Eetcafés are rustic and popular places serving Dutch classics such as smoked fishes, potatoes, and cereal bread. The Paskamer and the Knabbel en Babbel serve these specialties along with other North American inspired recipes.
Softly tackle the afternoon at Vondel Parc or with a cruise on the canals. Visit then the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum which attract art lovers from all over the world. On a historic note, going up north towards Jordaan district, you can see the House of Anne Frank (from 16th October 2017, make sure you buy your tickets online).

“While the shadows fall on the city, the orange glow of street lights becomes cloudy on the canals”

Aroung the same area, dine at the trendy restaurant of Black and Blue, which proposes numerous and delicious grilled meats. Otherwise, leave the city center and discover and unique place at restaurant De Kas, sheltered under a former greenhouse. The menu is Mediterranean inspired and changes every day, following the chef’s mood and creativity!

Best Hotels

Design: Mauro Mansion is one of the best hotels in town. Cozy and intimate, the beautiful Hanseatic mansion is steps away from the train station and the Red Light District.
Dream: The Pulitzer Hotel is a place from haven, ideally located in the heart of the city center canals. The atmosphere is muffled and decoration is rich and elegant.
Good deal: If you are a heavy sleeper (the windows are single glazed), the Tulip Inn offers you a perfect quality/price ratio.

Off-road Portrait

Color: Orange. The national color of the Netherlands is to be found everywhere, from the beautiful flower bouquets to the bicycles frames.
Figure: Johann Cruyff, a football player, also nicknamed The Flying Dutchman. He got famous at the Ajax Amsterdam, the city’s best club. He has reinvented the game.
Artist: Jack Broadbent, a British born blues guitarist, is a pure talent who has started making his name playing in the streets of Amsterdam.
Book: The Diary of Anne Frank. The world’s most famous diary was written by a twelve year-old Jewish girl, while she was hiding in a house in Amsterdam, hiding from the Nazi.
Song: Dans le Port d’Amsterdam by Jacques Brel. A poetic anthem to the life of a harbor city and a very famous song in the francophone world.

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